R.I.P. Marc Soares

15 11 2009

I remember seeing him hippie twist a hood of a car at Parkside. Here is one of him at the Northwest Contest.





6 responses

3 12 2009

Thats my brother …..the most awsome dude in the world and i will miss him so much…..do you have anymore pics of him???

3 12 2009

mark was rad skater and one of the guys who influence me. I had t seen him in a long time and was sad to hear the bad news. my heart goes out to you and your family. that was the only picture i had.

10 12 2009

Who are you????? That is me in the red shirt……thank you so much for posting the pic…he was my hero…

11 12 2009

this is Zeke . Yea thats a awsome picture!

18 12 2009

Marc was my husband, soulmate, best friend and father of our children
thank you for posting this

5 04 2010

Hello, this is victoria, his oldest daughter. if anyone seeing this has any other pictures, magazine articles, or recordings of him skateboarding, please dont hesitate to email me any time. thank you.

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